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Updated 2009

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You have just stumbled upon one of the best 2007 UK Ipod wholesale lists
available on the market.

Not only that but by visiting this site you have also given yourself the opportunity to become a player in the world’s largest market place, the internet,and on one of its most visited websites "Ebay".

We are giving you this information completely FREE!!Sellers on ebay and on various websites on the internet are charging the earth for lists like this,and half the time the contacts on that list are too expensive or out of date.

This list is completely up to date for 2009!

However, this is not the only market you will be able to enter with the help
of the fantastic links and addresses given to you on this site.I have also included a bonus
section, where I have provided you with some extra links, websites and
sources where other goods may be found at incredibly low prices – thus
enabling you to enter several markets at the same time should you wish to do
All of this from the comfort of your own home with yourself as the boss!

Welcome to the New Economy!
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As you may well already know, eBay is a sellers market with around 80% of
its new daily members signing up simply to buy and not to sell. With the
present number of members in the excess of 80,000,000 and with the
number of members growing by 1,000’s daily it truly is a great opportunity
for you to get a slice of the this global pie.
This ebook contains everything you need to know about how to generate
income streams courtesy of eBay that may not earn you a fortune right away,
but will certainly allow you to sit back a little more often and enjoy life, as
long as you follow the steps which are provided in this handbook.
The aim of this system is to create an income stream using eBay auctions
that will earn you at least £100 profit per week. Remember this is a rough
estimate….the more time and effort you put into research, marketing, and
business in general, the greater the potential to earn serious money.
By following the simple steps that will be shown to you, you could easily be
earning an extra £1000 per month within 90 days.
This method does NOT waste your precious time or require you to have a
University degree, nor does it require you to have an IQ of 150! Only basic
PC knowledge is required, although obviously any extra knowledge you may
have will always come in handy – as is the case in all walks of life.
If you have never come across anything like this before, or you have heard it
all before and are thinking – “oh no…here we go again”, do not be
alarmed….the proof of this system and several of the other bonuses I
mentioned earlier is the 1,000’s of people out there who are successfully
using this system already.
Anyway, that’s enough…..its time to show you exactly how it’s done.
Good Luck!!
Important: If any of the links do not work when you click on them, simply copy and paste them into a new web browser.

Where to Buy?

I will begin by simply listing the links to the distribution companies that you
can find Ipods and accessories at very reasonable prices, plus more! Pay
specials attention to some of the foreign distributors – they can provide the
best prices both in bulk and in single branded items, as well as drop ship. As I
have stated in the advert on ebay, these are the companies that supply many
of the big power sellers of electronic products available on eBay.
Please note also that the listings are in no particular order. Therefore, you
should spend some time looking at a few of them before deciding to buy
straight away. Research really does pay off remember! The reason I say this
is that some of the companies sell some items cheaper than others, but other
items may well be cheaper elsewhere. In other words, it is usually better to
buy your different items from different companies rather than just one. Due
to this, it is impossible for me to recommend one in particular. Also, not all
of the links below will take you to the wholesale page of the site. In some
cases you have to select the “wholesale” link on the page.
Now one thing that must also be mentioned is that some of these companies,
if you plan to buy in bulk, may require a VAT registration. This is due to the
increasing amount of VAT fraud that is linked with the telecommunication
industry. Always remember, tax evasion is heavily punished! However,
please do not be alarmed by this. VAT registration is reasonably straight
forward and takes between 2-3 months. In the meantime you can create your
business plan, advertisements, marketing strategies, etc;
All the relevant forms can be applied for at the customs and excise web page
or simply click on the link below:
The next thing you have to do is open an account with the wholesaler. In
order to do this you will have to apply with you VAT nr. (send proof via
mail or fax) along with a copy of your company letter head. These can be
made very cheaply nowadays, and you can even choose to download ready
made templates. Just use Google to search for them and you will find that
you have many options. These kinds of templates can also be purchased very
cheap on eBay itself.
Once you have your account set up and ready to go then the time has come
to sell!
Anyway, enough talk for now. What follows is the list of vital links to get

your business up and running. Please always bear in mind that you do need
to be patient (especially setting up) and the key to success really relies on your hard work…..

The List of Ipod Distribution Companies:


Some Very Useful Tips on How to Get Started on eBay:
1. The Importance of a Good Feedback Rating
eBay's feedback system helps create a trustworthy community for everyone
– buyers and sellers alike. Your feedback about your business conduct is a
source of important information for your buyers! After your sale, leave
feedback for your buyer, and ask that they leave feedback for you.
New eBay sellers usually underestimate the importance of quickly building a
great feedback rating. It is amazing when I click on an auction description
and see a seller with a feedback rating of under 10. How could this person
really know anything about selling on eBay, and is he to be trusted?
Experienced buyers on eBay are very cautious of sellers with a feedback
rating below 50. Admittedly, getting your first 25 feedback comments as a
seller can be a lengthy process, however there is a way around this which I
shall tell you later. Also note that if you ship your items fast you will get
great positive feedback from your buyers. Take that fact from an
experienced seller - there is nothing worse than waiting ages for an item to
arrive in the mail.
Don’t forget that feedback comments as a buyer and not only a seller count
as well (although eBay does show the difference on your feedback rating
page). If you’re starting from scratch remember you need to get to at least a
rating of 10 before you are allowed to start listing multiple items, ie.
auctions with a quantity of more than 1. This is the golden rule to generating
a good return from one single listing. Using a multiple item listing,
customers are able to buy for the whole duration of the 10-day auction rather
than a one-off. The best way to build this early feedback is to search for
ebooks or similar items for 1p with a free digital delivery. I wouldn’t
personally commence trading on eBay until you have completed at least a 20
or more purchases, paid for them promptly and received good feedback from
the sellers. A good way of finding these kinds of items is simply to search
for “1p” in the title. Always look for free or digital delivery aswell. Using
this method you could have a feedback rating of 100 in no time and for the
cost of £1.00! One important thing that you must remember is that you have
to purchase these items from different sellers. Buying 10 items off the same
seller for 1p each will not give you a feedback of 10, it will only give you a
feedback rating of 1. This is very important to remember.
Don’t be afraid to ask a seller to post feedback in your payment email.
Sellers like to be paid as quickly as possible. Sending payment by credit card
or PayPal will build your feedback rating quickly as well. When starting
your business on eBay, you should go out of your way to provide an
exceptional service. Remember you are fishing for those all important
compliments which in turn will generate more sales! When you have a
positive feedback rating of over 100 bidders will look at your rating number
and then make their decision on whether or not they like your product. If
your feedback rating is less than 100, potential buyers tend to actually look
back through your comments and read them.
Poor communications between seller and buyer is the primary cause of
negative feedback. Make sure your first email to the successful bidder or
buyer is friendly, clear, and complete. You should not only be polite, but
also over enthusiastic in your congratulations and thanks – just as a
salesperson in a shop should be if you were to purchase an item in a high
street retailer. Some people shop on eBay for bargains, but the vast majority
of people shop on eBay for fun. Make the transaction a fun experience. It is
important to make the buyer feel good and close the deal by complimenting
them on the deal they’ve made.

I is also vital that you make sure your payment instructions are clear and
your shipping/postage methods and charges are clearly stated (this should
have been included in your auction details – but many buyers can’t
remember the exact amount). If a buyer wants to pay by credit card, suggest
PayPal, or explain how to access your secure credit card server. I personally
will only accept PayPal as a method of payment. If a buyer wants to pay by
cheque, try to explain that they are able to speed up the whole transaction by
using PayPal. For anyone who doesn’t know what PayPal is or has never
used it before, click on the following link:

As the seller, it is you who has the most to lose through negative feedback. It
is only a matter of time until you run into a difficult or irrational customer.
He or she may be rude, unresponsive, or both in fact. Once your feedback
rating is secure and has reached the high hundreds, only then can you afford
to take a tougher approach and stand your ground, thus weathering a
negative feedback comment. Whilst you are trying to build that all important
feedback rating there will be times when you just have to bear it and remain
extra diplomatic. I always give people the benefit of the doubt and try to
work something out – “Treat the customer as always being right”. It is better
to lose a sale than to risk negative feedback from an irresponsible person in
the earlier stages of your business venture.

If a buyer does not complete their transaction then the best thing you can do
is report the matter to eBay and let them take control of it rather than getting
into an all out feedback war. When eBay have discovered they are a non
paying bidder they will not be allowed to leave you negative feedback.
2. You Must Accept Credit Cards or Lose out on Business
Several studies by eBay and Yahoo have shown that by being able to accept
credit cards, you can increase your auction bids from anywhere between 100
– 300%.

In your auction, place a line of text above the PayPal logo that states: “To
pay by credit card, click on the PayPal logo below.” Do the same thing in
your email to the winning bidder. Include a statement such as:
“If you would like to pay by credit card, click on the link below to register
for free, and pay securely using PayPal.”
3. Inadequate Headlines and Unimpressive Descriptions Lose
There are over 7 million items listed on eBay everyday. Your auction
headline must stand out against the competition in order to attract the
attention of potential bidders. A great headline is comprised of 2 key
elements – key words that are searchable and emotional words that are
designed to attract attention. Try including ***** or ^^^^.
More than 60% of bidders find the item they want by using the search
feature. Unless you use key words that bidders are looking for you will miss
many bids / buyers, and your item may not reach its full selling potential.
When I mentioned using emotional words to attract a potential buyers
attention, examples of such words are: new, rare, unique, sexy, secret,
unbelievable, super-value, exquisite, charming, wonderful, huge, perfect,
clean, superb, fantastic, etc; Make sure what you are saying isn’t really over
exaggerated though – it must remain true!

Once you have caught the bidder’s attention with a great headline, you need
to market your product well in order to sell it. By this I mean you must write
an imaginative yet flawless product description – urging the buyer to bid on
the fantastic deal they are getting. Take your time in creating your ad and
selling your product, as a great number of bids will depend largely on this.
Before writing the auction description, you should ask yourself: Why would
someone want the item you are selling, what are its main selling features, its
benefits for the owner, what makes it so special?
4. Great Images are also a Vital Feature
By not including a photo of your item in the description or gallery, you are
greatly reducing the number of bids you will receive, which will in turn lead
to unprofitable or unsuccessful auctions. Not only must you have a
photograph of what you are selling, the photo should be of high quality,
revealing the item in its entirety. Again ask yourself – would you purchase
what you see in that picture?
5. Understand your Costs!
Before deciding whether or not to sell an item on eBay it is crucial that you
understand all of the costs involved, and you must be able to work out an
auction’s profitability. Remember a high sales turnover is nothing if the
auctions aren’t profitable! It is easy for a new seller to get caught up in the
excitement of selling and not pay attention to the costs involved…..do NOT
do this.
There are a number of fees which you must account for. First of all is the
listing fee. This will depend upon several factors including the starting price
and any little promotional extras you decide to add to the auction (there are
lots of these to choose from on eBay). Next, there is also a selling fee which
will be determined by the end price of the auction. There may also be a small
fee if the buyer pays via credit card by using PayPal. If you were to use an
auction management service such as Andale or Auction Works then you
have their fees on top of the others. It is important that you keep a note of all
costs and your profit margins, if you want to run a successful business
6. Provide an Excellent Customer Service
In the business world your customer is far more important than any product
you sell, you must remember this at all times. Strive to provide them with a
quality service at every level or stage in the auction process. With online
auctions most sellers have a hard time looking past the initial sale. As far as
they are concerned, after the initial bid the relationship with that particular
buyer is over – this could be far from true. This bidder may inform their
friends or colleagues about this fantastic deal on eBay and they will be able
to find your auctions again. You must remain customer based at all times,
this is one of the main reasons why some people who try to make a business
of this fail.
7. Become a Creditable Seller
You must try to remove any doubt about your credibility at any chance you
get. This can be done through positive self representation in feedback for
example, or by making a superb and professional advert, and answering any
emails or queries from potential customers quickly.
8. Create a Vision
It is very important that you know where exactly it is that you want to go
with your business and why. Every business that is successful has a soul and
a purpose. You should ask yourself what is it that you want in the long-term?
Or do you want to become financially independent?
What is it you want to achieve in the short-term? Set yourself steady target
incomes for each week. Give yourself something to aim at (it should be a
realistic target) and then try to exceed that. Remember that things may not
always come easy – as with any business, and it is important that in the
beginning you keep working at it. The toughest time is always at the start.
The more hours you put in the greater your reward will be. Everyone has to
serve as an apprentice before they can truly master whatever it is they do,
and you will learn from your mistakes. When you’re starting out, try to
absorb as much useful information that you can find or that happens to come
your way.
9. Risk Reversal
One of the most powerful free sales tools that you have at your disposal is
that of ‘risk reversal’. When you offer your bidders a 100% satisfaction
guarantee you are telling them that you are confident that your product can
deliver and meet their need. If not you are willing to shoulder the risk for
them by offering a full refund. It is very rarely that a buyer will ask for their
money back unless there is a genuine problem, or your product is poor. This
is one of the easiest ways to increase sales if you have a good product to
begin with, do not neglect this technique! It is not hard to find many sellers
who don’t offer one when they clearly could. It is a powerful advertising
tool that is guaranteed to increase your number of bidders, sales and profit!
10. Best times for Item Listing
I have personally found that the best time to list items for in the UK is
between 8 – 9.30pm as this is the time when most people are home from
work and Eastenders has already been and gone. You might also find it good
to list early in the morning – especially with regards to the American eBay

A few extra useful tips!!
NEVER OVERCHARGE ON POSTAGE! This is most definitely one of the
most common causes of negative feedback. It is also against eBay’s listing
policy rules to list an item with an extremely high postage. Also, the general
public is not stupid and it is relatively easy to estimate or even find out the
cost of postage for a specific item. Overcharging on postage will damage
your credibility as a seller any your chances of positive feedback.
What choices do you have when negative feedback has been left?

1. You can choose not to take the comment personally and just forget
about it. In other words, if you know that you’ve done nothing wrong
and your business conduct was professional why should you have to
justify yourself – the rest of your feedback should show this.
2. If you want to write a follow up comment by leaving a reply which
clearly states the facts, this is an option. However, you should be
careful not to get too personal in your reply as this may give other
potential buyers the impression that you are unpleasant to deal with.
3. If you’re really not happy there is a third option available, and this is
to go to Square Trade and they will remove it for you. However, this
will cost you £20, and they can only remove the red strike from your
profile page and not the actual comment itself. I would only
recommend this in extreme situations and only if your feedback
means that much to you!
Now for the extra bonus links and websites I have mentioned earlier. As a
final thank you I have included the following links and information to help
you on your way to financial independence. Remember, research and hard
work is the key to any successful business, but by purchasing this ebook you
have put your foot in the door and the rest is up to you!
The link below is for the UK trader and it contains contact details for
thousands of wholesalers in the UK and lots of info concerning trade. It is
used by most UK Ebayers to find suitable stock. You will find thousands of
UK wholesalers listed within its realms.

UK Wholesale118
Wholesale118 is the UK's only wholesale-specific search engine.
It works just like a regular search engine but caters purely for
the wholesale market. You can use the site as much as you like without
paying a thing and you will it at:

UK Dropshippers
1. A Book For All Reasons www.abfar.co.uk
Second-hand, collectable and out-of-print books, mainly fiction from the
first half of the 20th century. Will drop ship.

2. Aardvark Gifts www.aardvark-gifts.com
Design-led gifts, interior design gifts and lifestyle gifts. Drop shipping

3. Activ8 Distribution www.activ8uk.co.uk
Supplier of Mobile Phone Accessories. Aerials, Batteries, Bluetooth,
Cameras, Car/Hands-Free Kits, Cases/Pouches, Chargers, Data Cables,
LCDs, Covers, SIMs, Spare Parts, etc. Drop Shipping available.

4. Allcopy Products www.allcopy-products.com
Photocopy products. Contact for Trade account. Drop shipping available.

5. Alma Group www.almgroup.co.uk
Business Opportunity dealing in Computers, Laptops, Inkjet Cartridges, etc.
Drop Shipping available.

6. Aloe Vera Co. UK www.aloevera.co.uk
Wide range of Aloe Vera and Beehive products. Drop shipping available.

7. Alt-BBGuns.com www.alt-bbguns.com
BB guns, air pistols and paintball guns. Drop shipping available.

8. Anewlife www.anewlife.co.uk
Nutritional Health Supplements. Use the 'buy at wholesale' link. Drop
shipping available for distributors.

9. Apollo Wholesale www.apollowholesale.com
Sex Toys, Lingerie, Leather, PVC, Bondage Gear, Lotions/Potions,
Condoms, etc. Drop Shipping available.

10. Art International Wholesale www.artinternationalwholesale.co.uk
Providing quality oil paintings for art lovers. Will drop ship.

11. ATS Distribution www.atsdistribution.co.uk
Software, PC and games consoles accessories and printing supplies. Drop
shipping available - a setup fee is required.

12. Boys Toys Online www.boys-toys-online.co.uk
Supply Gadgets, Big Boys Toys, Drinking Accessories, Spy Gear, Gambling
and Lifestyle Accessories, etc. Drop Shipping available.

13. Build Your Own Bookstore www.byobs.co.uk
Run your own online bookstore with 250,000 titles. Orders are drop shipped.

14. Drop Ship Online www.dropshiponline.co.uk
Dropshipper's and Wholesaler's of Electronic, Household, DIY, Toy, Auto
Care, Mobile Phone and Gift products.

15. Dropship Online 4u www.dropshiponline4u.co.uk
Suppliers of Giftware, Books, Pagan & Wicca Products. Bulk Lots available.
Will drop ship.

16. Gizmos UK www.gizmos-uk.com
Boys toys, pocket tools, fun stuff, gadgets, r/c toys, novelties, mp3 players,
digital cameras/camcorders, radar detectors, and lots more. Trade and retail.
Will drop ship.

17. Global Merchandise www.global-merchandise.com
Retail and Wholesale Posters, Prints, Calendars etc. Drop shipping available.

18. Global Merchandise www.spiral-scandinavia.com
Wholesale distributors of film/music merchandise. Prints, Calendars,
Posters, T-Shirts, etc. Will drop ship.

19. Inkjet Supplies www.inkjetsupplies.co.uk
Business opportunity selling Inkjet Cartridges. Set up fee includes your own
website with credit card processing. Orders are drop shipped.

20. Magic Spell Box www.magicspellbox.co.uk
Wide range of magical wares and services. Will drop ship.

21. Mantric Marketing www.mantricmarketing.com
Importer, distributor and wholesaler of Adult Toys and Accessories. Drop
shipping available.

22. More From Life www.morefromlife.co.uk
Supplier of Health Supplements. Anti-Oxidants, Vitamins/Minerals, Sports
Nutrition Supplements, Weight Loss Supplements, etc. Drop shipping

23. Nemesis Computers www.nemesis-computers.com
Computer/Audio Visual products Drop Shipper.

24. Nostalgia Store www.tias.com/stores/teleshop
Collectible Mirrors, Plaques and Signs from the previous century. Themes
include Coca Cola, Breweriana, Tobacco, Transportation, Food, Guiness,
Rock & Roll, etc. Contact for wholesale/drop shipping.

25. Picnic At Ascot www.picnicatascot.co.uk
Picnic supplies, coolers, accessories, etc. Use the 'wholesale enquiries' link.
Will drop ship.

26. Scentaur www.scentaur.com
A range of Natural Aromatherapy Shampoos, Grooming Sprays and Healing
Massage Oils for Dogs. Drop Shipping for online retailers.

27. Sex Shop 365 b2b.sexshop365.co.uk
Sex toys, lingerie and pleasure gifts. Drop shipping available.

28. Swords UK www.swords.org.uk
Wholesale Samurai Swords, Sets, Fantasy Daggers, Historical Swords, etc.
Will drop ship.

29. Value Media www.valuemedia.co.uk
Flash Memory products, compact flash, smartmedia and multimedia
memory cards, etc. Use the trade link. Will drop ship.

30. Vitamins For Health www.vitamins-for-health.co.uk
Nutrional Health Supplements. Weight Loss supplements, Soya
supplements, Digestive and Sports related supplements. Drop shipping for

31. Wanted By All www.wantedbyall.co.uk
Gifts. Crystalware, glassware, candles, books, clocks, essential oils,
keyrings, jewellery, toys, etc. Drop shipper.

32. Wholesale film cells www.wholesalefilmcells.co.uk
over 1000 film cells always available – all include brass plaques showing the
edition number, quality wooden frame and a certificate of authenticity.

32. Wholesale Knives www.wholesaleknives.co.uk
Knives, daggers, lockbacks, fantasy swords, throwing knives, axes, folding
knives, Samurai Swords, Lord of the Rings, Collectible, etc. Drop shipping

Additional UK toy wholesale websites:
DVD Wholesalers in the UK:

TEL - 020-7255-3352
EMAIL - sales@1stchoicevideo.co.uk

Unit B, Argent Court
Hook Rise South
TEL - 020 8397 3333
FAX - 020 8397 3322

10a Fitzherbert Spur
TEL - 02392-282400
FAX - 02392-383038
WEBSITE - http://changeover.freeservers.com

ST Georfes Market
Fore Street
TEL - 070 91070609
EMAIL - cherryside2@aol.com

WEBSITE - www.entuk.co.uk
1 Dundee Way, Mollison Avenue
Enfield, Middlesex, EN3 7SX
United Kingdom
TEL - 44 (0)870 0000 247
FAX - +44 (0)20 8805 8001
WEBSITE - www.prismleisure.com
EMAIL - prism@prismleisure.com

WEBSITE - www.goldcat.co.uk
105 Roundhay Road
TEL - 0113 2404004
FAX - 0113 2406006

Games Wholesalers in the UK:
101 CD.COM
11 Keeley Road
TEL - 020 86805282
FAX - 020 86679287
WEBSITE - www.101cd.com
EMAIL - service@101cd.com

10a Fitzherbert Spur
TEL - 02392-282400
FAX - 02392-383038
WEBSITE - http://changeover.freeservers.com

62 Queenswood Drive
TEL - 0113-2306305
FAX - 0113-2305031
WEBSITE - http://www.cmtgames.co.uk
EMAIL - queries@cmtgames.co.uk

51 Broad Street
TEL - 01353-665625
FAX - 0870-1212329
EMAIL - sales@omcdistribution.co.uk

1 Dundee Way, Mollison Avenue
Enfield, Middlesex, EN3 7SX
United Kingdom
TEL - 44 (0)870 0000 247
FAX - +44 (0)20 8805 8001
WEBSITE - www.prismleisure.com
EMAIL - prism@prismleisure.com

243 Blyth Road
WEBSITE - www.entuk.co.uk
EMAIL - enquiries@entuk.co.uk

CD Wholesalers in the UK:

101 CD.COM
11 Keeley Road
TEL - 020 86805282
FAX - 020 86679287
WEBSITE - www.101cd.com
EMAIL - service@101cd.com

105 Roundhay Road
TEL - 0113 2404004
FAX - 0113 2406006

12-26 Black Lord Street
TEL - 01253 75179

10a Fitzherbert Spur
TEL - 02392-282400
FAX - 02392-383038
WEBSITE - http://changeover.freeservers.com

243 Blyth Road
WEBSITE - www.entuk.co.uk
EMAIL - enquiries@entuk.co.uk
Sheepscar House
Sheepscar Street South
TEL - 0113 2344112
FAX - 0113 2344113

Rabans Lane
HP19 8TS
TEL - 01296 426151
FAX - 01296 481009
WEBSITE - www.theentertainmentnetwork.co.uk

As a final word of advice for selling on eBay check out the following link:

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